Tuesdays with Zady

Every Tuesday, you will be shocked by the facts Zady uncovers on their Instagram account under a dedicated hashtag called #shittyfacttuesday. The goal is to educate consumers about the harmful effects of the fashion industry, and raise awareness of the environmental and ethical costs in manufacturing and production.  

Zady’s goal is a new standard of transparency in the fashion industry. They work for systemic change by tackling the high environmental and social costs of production. By sharing the story of how and where products are made, from farm to factory, their consumers can make more informed decisions about the products they purchase, and feel confident in knowing the type of impact those products have on the environment.

#shittyfacttuesday 💦🌍

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Follow #shittyfacttuesday on Instagram — not be discouraged, but to be educated and ignited to make changes in your own life and in the system. Comment, ask questions, and join the conversation as we all work towards fewer shitty facts on fewer and fewer Tuesdays. 

#shittyfacttuesday 😒💦

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