Recap: Spring Fashion Swap

Last Saturday was the second fashion swap hosted by the Ethical Writers Coalition. The venue, drinks, and swag changed, but our intention was the same: to refresh the wardrobes of fashionable New Yorkers while keeping clothes out of the landfills. The average American now discards 68 pounds of clothing annually. This means not only do we need to rein in our buying habits, but we need to dispose of unwanted clothing responsibly. The Ethical Writers are here to help.

Alden of EcoCult secured sustainable sponsors and a DJ to boot! Stellar Organics was again our wine purveyor (this time sparkling) and mixed up deliciously with Owl's Brew Pink and Black. Susty Party provided the compostable party supplies. Attendees took home a tote full of goodies from our partners Zady, Suntegrity, Osmia, Ethica, Farm to People, LURK, Verita, Remedies Herb Shop, Kahina, Just Be, and Helpsy. DJ Tanja provided the perfect beats to swap to. 

This time around, we set up racks according to size which greatly helped swappers zoom in on options. Ty-Juana Flores, a veteran swapper and founder of Style Your Curves, came in from Boston to curate a special plus-size section. All of our organization resulted in a quicker swap and many happy attendees.

Over 50 people were in attendance, some of them our friends and sustainable gals about town. Meg Navoy of A Wool Story, Francisca Pineda of BHAVA, Chantale Regnier of Chan + Krys, Christina Jelski of Tales from the Thrift, Sunita V, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture, Liz Courtney from The Base Project, and Christina DeSmet of DeSmitten Design Blog all came out to support us. Thank you to everyone who came out to swap instead of shop!

The event was held at La Luz, a community-minded space in Bushwick. Co-founder Andriana Santiago was integral in helping us pull everything together and was an energetic spirit all day long. The excess went to Goodwill courtesy a partnership with Uber for #uberspringcleaning. Profits will benefit GrowNYC, a non-profit organization here in NYC. Check out their Stop 'N' Swap events throughout the boroughs. 

I encourage you to throw your own swap — with friends, with your community, with anyone! All you need is a space, some guidelines on what to bring, and some willing participants. Make it a potluck and you've got a party! If you have questions about how to throw a swap, let me know in the comments or email me at elizabeth[at]


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