Style Story Outtakes

Style Story Outtakes |

Style Stories has kicked off and it's time to share my story! Style Stories is a campaign promoted by the Ethical Writers Coalition in the run up to New York Fashion Week — it's like street style photographs for sustainable style. Read more about it here.

A few weekends ago, Alden of Ecocult, Emma of Past Fashion Future, and I got together to photograph each other for our Style Story submissions. We met at the new Prospect Heights location of the Little Cupcake Bakeshop and then ventured off to find some good light and a great background. 

Alden and Emma were lovely subjects. Below are some outtakes from our shoot; you can read their complete Style Stories here

And then there was me. I've warned you of my lack of modeling skills before, so no one should be surprised here. On a related note, I've recently decided to espouse a body positive philosophy that there are no "bad pictures" of yourself. Silly pictures? Yes. Unfortunate lighting and angles? Sure. But wrinkling my nose and disparaging an image of myself? No more. I hope you will consider doing the same. 

Behold, the many expressions of Elizabeth Stilwell:

Eventually I hit upon a more professional look and you can see that image plus my whole Style Story here.

Now you can submit your own Style Story too. Review the steps listed in my previous post and then go show off your sustainable goods!