The Arzoyi Colorado Challenge

The Arzoyi Colorado Challenge |

The Challenge

At an altitude of 9,600 feet Breckenridge, Colorado maintains a high of thirty degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and around thirty percent humidity all year round. It was the thought of this climate that led me to challenge Arzoyi Argan Oil to keep my skin hydrated while I was in Colorado for five days visiting a friend. I've written about Arzoyi before, but I knew this environment would be the ultimate test of it's abilities.

Argan oil contains high levels of Vitamin E and is eighty percent fatty acids which makes it both healing and moisturizing. It soaks in quickly (especially on damp skin) and doesn't make me break out. Arzoyi Argan Oil is pure, organic, environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and GMO free. As if that weren't enough, they support Vitamin Angelsa nonprofit that helps expectant mothers, new mothers, and children under five gain access to necessary vitamins and minerals.

The Results

Day 1: I begin my argan oil regimen the morning of my flight. I put a few drops in my hands and distribute it evenly on my face. While it soaks in, I use more on my hands and rub it into my cuticles. I layer my Suntegrity sunscreen over the oil and off I go. After my flight, my legs are atrophied from a soul-crushing lack of legroom but my skin looks great! After a short drive from Denver, we arrive in Breckenridge. After I cleanse my face at night, I add a few drops of argan oil into my regular moisturizer to keep moisture in throughout the night.

Day 2: When I wake up, my eyes and throat are dry but my skin is in great shape. Briefly consider drinking argan oil. I rinse my face with tepid water and begin the routine again. I spend the day outside checking out Breck and taking photos. I fall on the ice just once. My knee is bruised, but my skin is profoundly dewey.

Day 3: Wake up with an altitude headache and dark circles under my eyes. No flakey skin though! I put argan oil on my face before my shower and let the steam help it absorb. This works great and I do it the rest of the trip. My lips do get flakey, but I attribute this to my mouth breathing as I huff and puff around everywhere because of the altitude; I apply lip balm like it's my job. On this day, I take a trip up one of the mountains to take photos of people more athletic than me doing winter sports. The wind and sun are intense, but the argan oil keeps working it's magic. 

Day 4: Putter around and get ready to go back down (yes, down to 5,000 ft) to Denver. I fantasize about the extra oxygen molecules I will breathe there. I follow my argan oil-shower-Suntegrity routine and then make Nathan take photos of me. 

The Arzoyi Colorado Challenge |

Day 5: Back in Denver, I wake up with a dry throat and hate in my heart for United Airlines. I am dreading the three and a half hour flight, but my skin looks ready. I nap in an upright, knees-locked position until I arrive in Newark and then get stuck in Lincoln Tunnel traffic for an hour. Deep breathing exercises until I get home. 

I must say that Arzoyi was well suited for this challenge. I was worried that the low humidity would leave me dry and flakey, but my skin was actually clear and balanced by the end of my trip. However flawed my transportation choices, diligently applying argan oil was a winning decision.

If you are suffering from winter skin and hair, I suggest you give argan oil a shot. If it can overcome Colorado's climate, it can probably do anything. I recommend Arzoyi as it is certified organic, sustainably harvested, and socially responsible. You can purchase Arzoyi here.

* I was gifted a bottle of Arzoyi Argan Oil. I only promote products I genuinely believe in and that I would use myself.

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