Goodbye Craigslist, Hello AptDeco!

Goodbye Craigslist, Hello AptDeco! |

I'm super excited to share AptDeco, a new way to buy and sell used furniture in New York. Now, if you don't live in NYC, you may not realize the enormity of this development. Imagine trying to sell furniture to flakey, creepy, or cheap strangers who must physically enter your apartment to view your wares. Now imagine trying to move said furniture to or from your tiny apartment, through an elevator or (worse) narrow staircase, without a truck. Nor do you know anyone with a large vehicle except questionable strangers known colloquially as the "man with a van" hirable for usage of their questionable vans.

Formerly, Craigslist was one of the only options for buying or selling used furniture online in the city. While it was ingenious in the late 90s, Craigslist stubbornly refuses to innovate, is populated by creeps, flakes, and the cheapest people on earth, and is basically the website equivalent of the DMV. AptDeco, on the other hand, is actually helpful to those of us who don't wish to wait hours for someone to never show up only to email you days later to haggle for a lower price. Seriously. Read this all-too-real account of moving in New York by Alden of Ecocult.

AptDeco helps people in NYC and the surrounding areas buy and sell quality used furniture (they are hoping to expand to other cities soon). Sellers can list their items for free, and when it sells, AptDeco will arrange a time for pick-up. They charge a 14-19% fee based on the selling price and you get the rest via direct deposit. The best part, in my opinion, is the delivery option. They verify, pack, and pick up the item for you so you don't have to hassle with the "man with a van", although you also have the option to pick up the item should you so choose. Buyers can view large, clear photos with descriptions and dimensions, and benefit from AptDeco's delivery and verification services. 

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Now New Yorkers can be ethical (because: second hand), save money, and have quality, grown up furniture. Brands include ABC Home, West Elm, Design Within Reach, and authentic vintage designers! Above are my favorites in my style, but there's more than midcentury minimalism to be had. Break up with Craigslist and check out AptDeco!