Jennifer Fukushima

Born and raised in northern Canada, Jennifer Fukushima trained in fashion design at the prestigious Ryerson University. She has worked under other Canadian fashion labels including Preloved, Peach Berserk, and Fashion Crimes. Her previous label, Paper People Clothing, was sold through retailers across Canada and the US for over 12 years.

Jennifer Fukushima's eponymous line focuses on high quality cut and sew knitwear. Wearable mosaics are created out of luxurious natural fibers and ecologically conscious blends. Working to keep the Canadian fashion industry alive, everything is designed and produced in Canada.

As a designer and entrepreneur, I have made it my mission to source and produce locally whenever possible and to educate the public on just what goes into a garment.

Jennifer Fukushima believes that fashion should always combine style, comfort, and function without compromising quality, craftsmanship, worker rights, or the environment.

  • Fabrics are sourced from across the globe, giving special preference to sustainably grown and manufactured goods whenever possible.
  • Natural fibers are selected for their comfort, quality, and resource renewability.
  • Select synthetics are used sparingly to provide increased strength and durability to natural fibers.
  • All garments are manufactured in Canada where workers are paid a living wage under safe working conditions.
  • Great care is taken during each step of the process from design to materials selection through to construction so that each garment can be enjoyed for multiple seasons.

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