Pop-Up Shabbat: Oyganic Table

You may remember the last Pop-Up Shabbat I attended. The next one (June 20) is all about sustainability:

In the spirit of tikkun olam, a mitzvah that calls for Jews to be model citizens and make the world a better place for others (no pressure), our upcoming dinner is rooted (farm-to-table joke) in local ingredients, as little waste as possible, and giving back to our community.

Tickets are still available here. Visit the Pop-Up Shabbat website.

Turning greenhouse gases into mobile phone cases

A California-based tech company has created a machine that harnesses the carbon in greenhouse gases and turns it into materials that are as strong as (but less expensive than) oil-based plastics. They are starting with phone cases, but the possibilities are exciting! Read more on The Guardian.

Atelier Angel Chang

Having lived in China, visited Guizhou, and now promote sustainability, I am in love with Angel's mission. Sadly, I missed out on her Kickstarter campaign, but I'm looking forward to the collection.

Atelier ANGEL CHANG is a womenswear project using traditional hand-woven fabrics of the Miao and Dong ethnic minorities in Guizhou Province, China. The collection brings 1000 years of ancient craftsmanship re-interpreted into modern silhouettes by an emerging New York designer. For the past year, Angel has worked closely with masters of several rural mountain villages where families have maintained all-natural, chemical-free traditional processes. The fabrics and embroideries are made completely by hand, from locally-grown raw materials, using fresh plants native to the mountains, and without the use of electricity. The aim of the project is to create employment opportunities in rural Chinese villages and to promote global appreciation for indigenous craftsmanship.

The Art of Repair: giving old objects new life in east London – video

Art of Repair charts the stories and passions of those whose job it is to fix and to mend – cars, upholstery, violins – in a world away from city pressures of new purchases and consumption. via The Guardian (Thanks, Juliette!)

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