Forecast by Ashleigh Rosa Ninos

I am so enamored with the look of watercolor these days! In textiles, in design, and of course, in art. I recently chanced upon artist Ashleigh Rosa Ninos on Etsy and I loved her work immediately. I adore the muted monochromatic palettes and the watery beauty of her Forecast series. She describes Forecast as follows:

Using abstraction and minimal mark-making, I aim to capture the psychological weight weather carries whilst utilizing the inherent properties of paper itself: it soaks, warps, and stretches under the strain of water; stained as a trace to these events. 

Subtle coloring and a calming aesthetic are the gorgeous results. Now to decide which one I want to own!

You can purchase signed and dated originals from Ashleigh's Etsy store or fine art prints on Artfully Walls. I also recommend following her art-focused Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Happy Weekend!


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