How To Do Fashion Week Ethically

First, I want to say that through serendipity I have a way to get into New York Fashion Week each season. I don't buy a ticket or contribute any money to the events. I say this because, in light of my recent passion to live more ethically, I was conflicted about even attending (I'll be looking more closely at the brands in my next post). Attending also makes me anxious about my appearance and in the past I have bought something to wear to appease my anxiety. This year, I opted to use only what was already in my closet which, ironically, relieved some of the sartorial pressure. As you can see, much of it is old or thrifted. I'm challenging myself to only buy ethical clothing for a year (more on this soon), so I'll be further exploring the challenge of reducing consumption and keeping styles relevant.

My friendographer, Christina of De-Smitten, kindly helped me choose outfits and document the process. First, we went through my fall wardrobe and chose some of the more classic and fashionable pieces. Those went into a heap and then Christina effortlessly birthed two outfits from the depths of the pile. I pranced around; hilarity ensued. Behold what passes as modeling for me: a mixture of discomfort, silliness, and unsuccessful attempts to smize

Next, I'll share my photos from the shows and what I discovered about the brands and designers.


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