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Relationship Notes - The Note Passer

Today is my and Nathan's thirteenth wedding anniversary! We have had many adventures in those years, and I am certainly ready for more.

I want to share with you something I've recently learned about and wish I'd been aware of earlier in my life: The Enneagram of Personality. If you are a human being and have relationships of any kind, I urge you to investigate the Enneagram. There is much much more for me to learn on the subject, but basically it defines nine personality types that reveal your basic desires, fears, vices and virtues. Once I discovered my type number, I found it easier to understand my thoughts and motivations - past, present and future.

To find your Enneagram type, you need to take a short test like the one from the Enneagram Institute here. It is only a free sample, but is sufficient to find your type. You will be amazed at how accurate your number describes the person you are! (Note: If your score is similarly high on several numbers, read each of those descriptions and determine which one best fits.) Short descriptions can be found here

After Nathan and I discovered our numbers (7 and 6, respectively), we had a laugh reading about our relationship type combination or how we relate to each other.  It now informs and supports how we interact and we have found it an invaluable tool for our relationship.

Even if you're skeptical, I urge you to give the Enneagram a chance. If you've ever taken a test like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (I'm an ISTJ) you know that typology has its place and can help pave the road to self-discovery and development. And I'll take all the help I can get!


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