A Trip to Vermont

A Trip to Vermont via The Note passer

I'm back from Vermont! I went there to stay with friends and soak up some country freshness. I traveled in a carpool this time as my friend, Chris, was kind enough to offer his car. On Friday, we met up with another traveler, packed the car, and got going for our 4.5 hour drive. It was beautiful on the way up; autumn leaves and crisp air were our companions. We arrived in the evening, met friends old and new, and chatted late into the night. The following days were full of outings, conversation, laughter, and good food. Here's what to do in Vermont:

There is so much fresh food grown and raised in Vermont (and I'm saying this as a New Yorker with access to amazing farmer's markets). On the local food index, Vermont ranks the highest based on the number of farmer's markets and CSAs in the state. I always pick up local maple syrup while I'm there, and this trip I also found these made with local beeswax as an alternative to plastic wrap; I'm currently using them to keep cheese fresh.

Another local farm stand had pumpkins we bought to carve into jack-o-lanterns. We didn't actually get around to carving them, but had fun with our purchases anyway. Curious about the bumpy ones we saw, I found this site, which presents all the different types of pumpkins for those of us in the investigative crowd.

We also visited WhistlePig Farm where our friend, Sivan, works. We fed the pigs our food scraps and toured the facilities. I always love seeing all of the animals! WhistlePig Rye is Nathan's favorite whiskey; he and our friend, Chris, both bought a case.


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